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School profile

Our school is a state school with a rich tradition. It was founded in 1958.

Since then it has developed from a vocational school of communication through fields closely focused on postal services to the current Secondary school providing unique education in a broad area of logistics. The school has  also become  a Local Adult Education Community Center.


The main characteristics:
  • Certified institution: The School Recommended by the Employers,
  • School of the so called family type with the keeping of quality and high demands,
  • Broad spectrum of teaching subjects – a broad use of graduates in a labor market,
  • Specializations with maturita exam (A level exam) as well as apprenticeship certificate. Suitable for  both boys and girls,
  • 11 full time study classes and 1 class of extra-mural studies (280 pupils),
  • Professional and dedicated team of teachers,
  • School location in a picturesque,  renovated mansion situated in a beautiful  park,
  • Peaceful and friendly atmosphere with a possibility of an individual attitude ,
  • Support of talented pupils and the pupils with special educational needs,
  • The system of benefits,
  • Modular teaching - system of standards, credits and evaluation, everybody can be successful,
  • Close cooperation with czech and foreign firms,
  • Succesful project activities , study stays and exchange scholarships for both pupils and teachers.


Material and technical equipment of school:
  • around 130 computers, 4 interactive whiteboards, 13 projectors ,
  • 3 modern multimedia classrooms (foreign languages, Logcentrum - Center fictitious companies, adult education classroom),
  • 3 special classrooms including simulated warehouse,
  • 5 computer labs with specialized software (SAP Business One, Doprava 3K, TimoCom,  Duna, MountBlue, ATF, xAPOST, language teaching),
  • audiovisual equipment connected to the Internet in all classrooms,
  • Digital Media Center (study support, digital support of education, Moodle, Intranet, store textbooks, student and teacher library),
  • the counseling center and  the student club,
  • resting places for pupils in the corridors during free classes.


Physical education takes place at the new outdoor playground in Dalovice or in gyms and sports halls in Karlovy Vary which the school hires.

Youth Home provides accommodation in Lidice street in Drahovice and school canteen is available at the Secondary Agricultural School, which is located 200 meters from our school. Besides, the vending machine  is available for students at school offering  hot and cold drinks and  small snacks.

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STK 3. ročníky
Soutěž Logistik junior ZŠ
STK 3. ročníky
Logistik junior ZŠ 2024
Předávání maturitních vysvědčení
STK 3. ročníky
STK 3. ročníky
STK 3. ročníky
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Písemná ZZ
Pozvánka na "Zahradní slavnost 2024"
Praktická ZZ
Praktická ZZ
Volby do školské rady 2024
Praktická ZZ
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Informační schůzka - budoucí 1. ročníky
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Ústní ZZ
Ústní ZZ
Třídní schůzka budoucího 1. ročníku operátor skladování
19 20 21
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